Friday, January 15, 2010

C77 (Touhou) Doujin Games Review

C77 might be long gone now for some people, but our heroes lurking at PD and Share has reach out to their limit on delivering what C77 gives. Here's a review on this year's game doujin game for C77. Take note that i review what i managed to snatched. There may be some that i missed, so forgive me if i missed some


Let's start with 不思議の幻想郷 (The Mysterious Gensokyo). Also known as "Touhou Rougelike"

I was told that this game was based on a Dragon Quest Spin-off "Torneko's Great Adventure". I never played the said game before, but this game is seriously addictive. You play as Reimu going around stages after stages, fighting baddies, level up and collect stuff. The more you go, the harder it becomes and when you die, it sends you back to the beginning with all item obtained lost and has to start from Level 1.

Sure it sounds frustrating, But for some reason i can't stop playing it. The furthest i can get it Level 16 before i been wiped out by some unknown force. The thing that make this game easy is "Warehouse Gap". An item that lets you store your item back to the warehouse, so when you're dead and have to start all over again, you have the item previously stored using that item in your store. But then, If you're that lucky to found one or having it on sale at every checkpoint.

I heard that the cutscene when you New Game'd, had the Touhou character voiced by the voice actors of K-ON. I never actually watched that anime, so i dunno.

Anyways, this is a game worth checking out. If you're that smart not to be frustrated that is...


Next is 幻想少女大戦 紅 (Genso Shoujo Taisen Kurenai)

This game is only trial and was based from the Super Robot Wars (SRW) games, Which what get me into Anime in general and also the Robot genre.

Even though it's trial and has a few bug here and there, The game was well made and resembles SRW more than any SRW-esque Doujin games (Even Battle Moon Wars series). The game has 3 difficulty and they make it resembles a certain SRW game. Like Normal is SRW Alpha 1 difficult (easy for me), Hard is SRW Alpha Gaiden difficult (challenging for me) and Lunatic is SRWF (godly hard for me)

More thing that is similar is the Battle system, The accuracy point, The status and attack menus and also the Seishins. It follows SRW a lot. But they also have their own original, touhou-esque features. On time, The main enemy boss will cast a spellcard and doubles her attack on the shown space. The playable character also has a function similar to "Holding Shift key" on every Touhou Shooting game where you can get closer to the Spellcard field easier and can graze bullets.

This game looks very, very promising. I can't wait to play the full version.


Next is Age of Ethanols

Based on "Age of Empires". This trial game also looks promising where they use AoE system of RTS and just paste Touhou all over it.

So far, the game has 3 sides to choose from which is the Hakureis, The Scarlet Devil Mansion group and the Hakugyokuro team. You collect resources, advancing the ages and go to war. I guess a few thing they need in this game is to have Diplomacy function, where we only go to war when declared.


Next is Maristice

It's a 3-dimensional Platformer puzzle. You solve a few puzzle and advance to the next stage.

This game's graphic and gameplay is good. But the controls are somewhat awkward. It's stiff and sensitive at thes same time... Weird.


Next is 東方紅魔迷宮 (Touhou Scarlet Devil Maze) - Adventures of REIMU

It's a simple puzzle game. But what makes it great is the levels. There's a lot (which i forgot how much) and it's getting harder and harder. Also there's a stage builder where you can create your own stage and share it to others. Quite neat.


And the last one i manage to play till now is 東方鎖宝録 (Let's just say it's Touhou Bust-a-Move)

This puzzle game is based on Bust-a-move (or Puzzle Bobble). Nothing else other than this is the few game where the characters are talking. And the voice quite matched too. Good to play if you have some time to waste