Friday, February 19, 2010

Monthly Review - Super Hero Time 2009 and Goseiger

I guess to get my blog running up, i shall post reviews every month. Next month i will be reviewing a classic anime (which i haven't decided yet). But for now, here's my thoughts on Shinkenger and the New Sentai, Goseiger. Also looking at Kamen Rider W so far...

Let's start with the 2009 Sentai Series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger which has ended recently.

When i saw this Sentai at first, I was promised that it will be a very unique Sentai series. I mean, you got a Cellphone that turns to brush which resulting one of the coolest henshin concepts, Then a mech that looks like paper models and Red with his huge-ass sword, It was amazing. Even in the mid show when you have the 6th member with a fish looking knife, a Sushi-changer and a robot lantern. Also the Inromaru that turns a member wearing a Samurai robe. To put it short, It was creative and they do give out the theme on the show pretty well

Does that means the show is good? Not really. Not to say it awful, but from the beginning to the end the story pacing has always be linear. And in the end, it turns to be average wasting half of potential. But that not to say an average show don't have it's awesome things. Like the relations between Takeru/ShinkenRed with his Rival Juuzou. I was expecting Juuzou to turn good like many sentai plot before (among the same group as Rio and AbareKiller), but this guy was a bad guy who obsessed with fighting from the beginning till the moment he was slayed. That's quite a refreshing kind of rivalry that only exists on 80's and 90's sentai series. Also Doukoku, the main villain of the show is really threatening. When he comes to the surface once in a while, you can feel his viciousness and even the Sentais are shaken at his presence.

Overall, This year edition to the Super Sentai Franchise seems to come out average. They use their creativity a lot but maybe they wasted it or not is up to you.


Next is this year Super Sentai series, Tensou Sentai Goseiger - My view on the 1st episode:

To be honest, i wasn't impressed by this year's edition to the franchise. They preview their gadgets, mechas, villains etc. It doesn't impressed me at all. It comes out as rather... Plain.

Even the casts failed to impress me. But as for that, i need to watch a few episode first before judging. Also i was fooled for knowing Shoko-tan was going to be in but she's not. lol rumors.

So what is it about, I guess they're Angels who are trapped in our world because the villain has destroyed some sorta tower that travels them from the surface to the heavens and stuff like that. And since they at earth, it's their duty to protect humans and stuff. I guess that's just about it

Sure, i may think it's plain. But then, this is the 1st episode. I'll give it a try on the 2nd and beyond. Maybe something appealing will show itself. And episode 2 might be great:

Because of this. When was the last time i saw a Sentai Robot with real flame sword as a finisher... GoGoV maybe, i dunno.


Previously on Kamen Rider W:

I had to admit i have skeptical feeling about this show. A faggy duo going around solving crime while looked cool? Man this blows. But now, I actualy loved it. It's a fresh concept and a nice addition to the franchise after the lolwut Decade.

The thing i like about this show is that Kamen Rider was potrayed as a hero very well. Usualy in many previous series, Riders are fighting monsters while people got caught in the middle of it. But here, The duo deals with people's problem, Solving crimes, fighting baddies and make their identity a secret. That's very hero-like and has its own cool factor. The characters also were great. Shoutaro and Phillip reminds me of the 70's and 80's vigilante TV shows. Partners rolling out, beating baddies, solving crimes etc.

Also we have Terui Ryu/Kamen Rider Accel. He reminds me of Film Noir police officer/detective (Something like Max Payne). His only existence as Accel is to have vengeance on the people who killed his family. He likes to be emo all the time that i swear he's going to cry everytime he has that angry face

I dunno for you, but he does look like he's gonna cry for me. I guess the actor plays it right i think.

So far, I like what i see in W. Their form change makes good battle scene where they have to choose a form suited for the conditions. Even when they have Fang, they don't abuse it Kiva Emperor Form. Let's just hope Cyclone Joker Extreme doesn't spammed all the time.

So there you have it. This month review. now i need to look at which show i need to review next...