Friday, July 23, 2010

Touhou 12.8 - War of the Fairies (Spinoff of Stange and Bright Nature Deity)

It's near August and Summer Comiket is ready to kick off. ZUN has announced a new Touhou game labeled as 12.8 of the series. Titled 妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精 (War of the Fairies ~ Touhou Sangetsushou). This is a spin-off of a Touhou Manga, Touhou Sangetsushou series. Here's a translation of the contents on ZUN's blog

Touhou Project 12.8 (How more can i mince this?)
"War of the Fairies ~ Touhou Sangetsushou"

"Cirno has declared war over the 3 fairies. Big trouble!" Or that's how the story goes.

Actually i have been planing to make this game since the second volume of "Touhou Sangetsushou ~ Strange and Bright nature Deity" is released (It's the extra story at the 2nd volume of the manga titled "War of the Fairies"). But because of the schedule and some other things, i am unable to get it done. But now i finally made it (Nah. Currently I'm hoping it was done actually)

Taking Matsukura Nemu's artwork, I manage to make feel based on the unusual, loose worlds of the Sangetsushou. And of course, i got permission from Kadokawa (manga publisher).

But regarding the game itself, It's a game where Cirno freezes the danmaku, rather than dodging it. You can play it if you have some spare time to waste. It has the difficulty of a repetative play while chewing. It has a bold but accurate pattern, or so that how it feels.

Picture and contents are courtesy of ZUN's blog: