Monday, March 22, 2010

Something completely random: Figma Hakurei Reimu

Here, i just dump what i did with Figma Hakurei Reimu that i obtained yesterday at GACC. This thing is very hard to get here, but i still mess with it.

...and excuse the quality of the pic cause im not a photographer in actual action.

Games Anime Comic Convention FINAL - The last day of the Exam Hall

Yesterday ends an event that for me, holds something dear to me. That is GACC or Games Anime Comic Convention. So i come there yesterday dressing as a Zeon soldier, The same dress i wore during the 2008 version.

Why does it so dear to me? Well simply because It holds my memories as a MMU student and an EMiNA member back then. I remember doing sketches during the 2007 GACC. It was quite tough, but we pull it out something fun for the audience (Yeah... that performance was kinda lame in a sense, but seeing people laugh at the weirdness is consider as a part of the act's effects).

So about this year's GACC, I was kinda surprised. Because the first day's venue was switched to the place that was once a Cosplayer changing room. I know i don't complain about the cons in details, but inside was hot and i had to get out all the time.

I also supposed to join the Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku tournament. but because of searching for hotel and stuff, i had to disqualify myself... Kinda sad but what the heck.

Day 2 is different though. It was held at the Exam Hall as usual and it was the best times of all. I manage to gather some pals from gforum

(From left: Hitman, Mieko, Vulpie, Me)

But sadly it was only for a while. I wish we could hang out more and have a drink or something but i have a bus waiting for me like another 1 half hour. So the only thing i do is to leave a mark on their banner

And so, I left GACC breathe it's final air and set my foot out from my Ex-university, from Melaka and from my old friends. If you happened to read this said friends, Don't worry. I will be back if i feel like it. Besides, hitman sure needs the dose of my stuff... and vice versa :P

Here lies GACC. Too bad the old geezers of EMiNA is leaving and doesn't inherit knowledge to their kids... sadly a great event like this has been 6 feet under... Sleep Well, my Youth.