Wednesday, August 25, 2010

C78 Doujin Games Review

Got to get up and update my blog or something. So it's been 2 weeks after c78. And I have tried many doujin games that is been released. So here's my review of C78's Doujin Games

01: Touhou Sangetsushou ~ Youkai Daisensou (TH12.8 - Fairy Wars)

Another 12 point something touhou games. This is the 3rd time. Not that i complain, but yeah. ZUN's been trying on new things. And to me it comes out as mixed opinions.

I kinda like the concept of freezing bullets. Not that original compare to Shoot the Bullet or Double Spoiler, but certainly one of a kind. Another thing that i really love about Fairy Wars is the Music. They got some unique music for ZUN such as Year-Round Dreamy curiosity (Stage 2 BGM), Midnight Fairy Dance (Stage 3 BGM) and Magus Night (Extra stage Boss).

If there's one thing i hated about the game is the controls. The usual traits for Touhou is Hold shift and Z during fights and X for bombs. But here, holding Z will charge the shot to freeze projectiles. So at first, i have to tap z all the time and it crams the hand quick. Then i discover autofire button which is C and Ctrl, but that also end up being awkward where you hold Ctrl (the closest i can do) and hold Z to charge. It pains on the hands easy and i have to change position of the finger to play it right.

02: New Super Marisa Land - Marisa and the 6 Mushrooms

The sequel to MarisaLa by Tasogare Frontier. And the title might based on Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

Now this game is just so fun to play. The game is the usual Mario games. Jump on baddies, collect powerups and coins (stars) and finding secret exits. The graphic is cute and the music is just brilliant. The usual Tasofro feats. One thing i like is the powerups where Marisa cosplayed as other Touhous. Although the controls for Marisa is somewhat slippery compared to Mario and can be a little hard than the usual Mario games, It's still a fun game from start till end.

03: Gensou Shoujo Taisen -Kou-

My most anticipated game on C78. And it doesn't fail on making my time... sorta.

The game consists of 4 difficulties based on SRW@1(Easy), SRW@Gaiden(Normal), SRWF-Final(Hard) and SRW3(Lunatic). Other than that, It's very similar to Super Robot Wars where Each mission you clear all enemies or follow objectives. There are some new things they tried on it such as Spellcard system on enemies, Focus movement (like holding shift in Touhou games) and boost ability using the "Wife System".

The music is also great and sounds almost like their SRW counterparts. The only thing disappoint me is that the game is only 15 chapters long. But the game is set to be a 4 Episode series. and Kou (Scarlet) is the 1st series, which it was based on EoSD. I can't wait for more.

04: Touhou Soujinengi - The Genius of Sappheiros

It's an RPG games which borrows JRPG classic gameplay such as the SaGa series. One of the unique function in the game is the 1up/Bomb. If your character dies, it only loses a life and in the next battle, they can still fight. And bombs are use to unleash stronger attacks.

And the rest is the usual JRPG deal, Find items and weapons, Combine items to create a weapon, armor or accessories, Fight enemy and grind levelups and stuff. It's a great doujin RPG.

05: TENG SOLDIER (Trial Ver.)

It's your average sidescroling platformers. Nothing much other than the screen keeps moving forward. There's 3 characters to choose from: Aya, Momiji and Hatate, but Hatate is broken. She got the longest range and when equip with the right shot combination, You can basically clear all enemy without breaking a sweat. This game is only 3 stage due to it's a Trial version.

06: Tendou Blade

It's another RPG. The gameplay is decent where every battle only depletes your Ethanol meter, which means that the character that died, damaged or used all their MPs are back to normal on their next encounter. The only problem is the game map. It seems that the camera angle is only semi top and are prone to blind spots. Also the 3D is just dull to look at (but again, what am i to complain about graphics in a doujin game).

07: Ojousama no Doki-Doki Daikessen

A maze platformer featuring Remilia as playable character. Some says the platforming resembles Metroidvania but i can't really see the similarity. There's many thing to do and many places to explore. The platforming is not bad too.

08: Motto, Fushigi no Gensokyo - A threat from the Surface!?

The 2nd game to "Fushigi no Gensokyo" or "Touhou Rougelike" that was released last comiket. The scale is larger with more items, enemies, levels etc. One thing cool about the game is that you can grind for items and experience at the well stage near Hakurei Shrine before you're up for the real game which located on a crash site near the shrine. As usual, it's punishing for those who are not prepared and are rewarding if you know what to do.

09: Touhou Dodgeball

It's Dodgeball in Gensokyo. The usual stuff, pass to players and try to hit your other opponent with the ball until their lifebar is depleted. You can charge the running and jumping to create a destructive throw to the opponent. And i think this is so far the only Touhou game that the characters actually spew out blood when hit.

10: Touhou Skyfight

A 3D sidescroling flying game. Playable Characters is Reimu, Marisa, Cirno, Sakuya, Remilia and Flandre as unlockable. It's hard for me to play this game for it easily hangs my graphic card. But after a few careful attempt, i manage to play it. The arcade mode is pretty boring. But the real kicker is the VS mode where you collect points while beating the crap of other players. There's also a network game, but i never get the chance to try it.

Another one to point is that the game has a voice actor. I almost thought Reimu has Hirano Aya voice, but it's not. Strange...