Saturday, December 19, 2009

コミックフィエスター ‐ 世紀末年大祭伝説 | Comic Fiesta - Legend of the Century's End Annual Festival

Gentlemen. It's that time of the year again. Comic Fiesta is here again and it was filled with all sort of confetti

This year, to be honest isn't as grand as last year, bus still is happening. But enough about the event cause i'm not a good event critic.

My loot:

Suprisingly, Touhou is growing in popularity in this year CF. I would love to see more in the upcoming year. Usualy there's like one Touhou cosplayer each event, but now i saw and took picture with someone dressed as Cirno and Aya. There's a dude as Wriggle, but i can't seem to found him later on.

There's also what might be the first Touhou doujin in this country. It maybe consists of like 8-10 pages or so and their price is like RM1. But their effort was great and i wish there's more to come.

I can't go to the Sunday event sadly cause i have work. And a last one to add. God, finaly i'm free from the chains of community (a bad one to say)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Malaysia-tan Revealed...

Finally that book has arrived. It's a book about nations for those moetards out there. They proclaimed it subliminally as something to counter Hetalia or some stuff.

Anyway here's how the book looked like

And here's a shocker. Malaysia-tan is just... i dunno... just look

She is called "The postergirl for a sea resort surrounded by rainforest"

Another knowledge known. Japanese don't know our country too much.. i dunno if that's the best. You decide.

Also, the funniest thing about this is that they shown Malaysia and Singapore are enemies or sort.

Yeah, i know we do have some political issue with our neighboring lion, but it's nothing serious like North with South Korea or Israel with Palestine. Just minor things...

Anyways, this is it. Will you support getting her as our tourism mascot :P

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Super Sentai 2010 - Tensou Sentai Goseiger

The 2010 Super Sentai Series is revealed as Tensou Sentai Goseiger (Divine-Robe Taskforce Goseiger)

The story (translated by some anon from /m/)

In a dimension which is invisible to the human eyes, called "Gosei World", there are mortals called "Gosei Angels". They possess super power which humans don't have, called "Gosei Power", which can only be used to protect the Earth and mankind. Unbeknownst to human, they had been protecting the Earth from harmful elements. To defend the Earth from invading enemies, the Gosei Angels use a passageway called "Tower of Sky" to travel between Gosei World and the surface.

However, a group of invading enemy, called "War Star" is invading the Earth and destroyed the Tower of Sky passageway. With the passageway blocked, the Gosei Angels are unable to reach the surface. Without the Gosei Angels, will the Earth be destroyed by these invaders?

However, at this very moment, five young and immature Gosei Angels, who happen to visit the human world (supposedly before the passageway was destroyed), stood up against the devils to protect the Earth. They are the hero, Goseiger!

It is also noted at the picture above that this is the first Sentai series to have cards as an item for them to fight. Something Kamen Rider used to pull out a few times. They use Gosei Header. An motive involving animals like Dragon or Tigers and stuff. They transform using "Tensouder" and fight in their giant robot named "Gosei Great".

Personal Impression:

Actually, the suit design is very interesting and the helmet looks old school. It's been a while since Timeranger we got to see their helmet with lips. I have to wait till someone scan the new Hobby Japan issue so we can see their arsenals and mechas.

Someone actually managed to get the info for their actor/actress:

Sure since this is Sentai, they're not really that attractive compared to Kamen Rider. But the one shocked me is Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan) as Goseipink. I even heard that she's actually wanted to act in a Sentai show. I guess her dream has come true now.

My only drawback about this Sentai is that the storyline seems generic. Not that many Sentai shows have original storyline or something, but this one feels like it's been done many times already. Also I'm not clear of the main motive for the series. They are called "Guardian Angels" or something so it might be an Angelic motive. But they mention something about some famous game or so, so for some reason i think it's an RPG motive. Or heck, this must be the Super Sentai version of Saint Seiya with all those Holy robe and stuff...

Anyway, this looks like a fresh element for Sentai. Can't wait to get more info about it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Real Gaia Memory USB thumbdrive

It's been a while i haven't did anything with the blog. Now i post something kind of slowpoke but i just know recently (this job thing really makes me living under a rock...). So finally they sell Kamen Rider W's Gaia Memory in real USB form.

It comes in a sweet case with all 6 memories placed nicely. Looking at the description on the site, it's 2GB and priced around RM200+. Not a bad deal where we can get 2GB at average RM35 these days and also the elite looks

But wait...

It's actually one 2GB USB with 6 changeable case. Wow that kinda blows despite the good boxes and also included a Kamen Rider W desktop sitters. Not that i complain about the price or anything cause I know collectors item tend to be expensive, but why 2GB USB? should give it like 8GB or something then it might be worth it

Or rather, i wish it fitted with other Thumbdrives. That would be cool.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

The blog is finaly on

...but still under construction

Finaly i manage to create one. But currently i'm not always around the internet. So first, welcome to my blog, or on my word: "Useless idea zone".

Under deady's idea, I might make some comic panels with figures that i have. But i dunno if you guys like it, so i make a half-assed one as an attempt. just click at the pic for full view. So enjoy your stay, bookmark, and come again etc.

Owh... i need to change the background but somehow can't find the background http code for this. so i might change them completely if neccesary