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C79 Doujin Games Review

Hello again, No activity on January just sucks for me, I'm reviewing C79 doujin games as i did every events. Oh, and i learned how to shorten this thing. Oh goody goody. I'm such a dolt

Among the highlights folks, one of them.

By this point, C79 has been over 2 weeks ago. So i come back to review more C79 doujin games. But before i begin, I would like to address 2 games that i cannot review. One is Suika VS Mechasuika which i looked forward playing it, but as of now, the game has not been released in DL form, so i can't judge anything on it. Another one is The Genius of Saphaeros's expansion pack, that game for some reason don't work for me no matter how much i tried. And there might be some that i missed, i dunno. I just review what i got.

(Also Umineko EP8 does not count as a game. Besides, i don't 'read' them since EP1 so i don't really care much despite people say it's going downhill since EP5)

So let's begin with my Highlighted game in C79:

Koumajou Densetsu II - Strangers Requiem

Don't forget to wear special glasses when fighting Reimu Belmont.

The only game i hyped on C79. Koumajou Densetsu II Or as many call it Touhouvania II Reimu's Quest, Is a game retelling the story of TH07 - Perfect Cherry Blossom. This time you assume control of AlucardSakuya as her mistress, Remilia has been missing and spring hasn't come yet.

This game has upgraded from the 1st game drastically. One of it is the game is now more fun to play. Sakuya plays like a Metroidvania characters (In this behalf, she slightly played like Alucard from SotN). She flies for a limited time which is an upgrade from the 1st game where you can just win the game by just fly all the time. She has backstep (sadly not backdash), jumpkicks, controllable jumps and some others that makes me wish Touhouvania III is a Metroidvania based. She also has 7 sub-weapons that you can choose (up to 3).

Another one, and perhaps the greatest one, is that the game has a dialogue voice. For a doujin game, this isn't something rare, but this game actually manage to bring in big name Voice Actors. Among the example are:

Sakuya: Sawashiro Miyuki (Shinku from Rozen Maiden)
Remilia: Kitamura Eri (Saya from Highschool of the Dead)
Flandre: Kanemoto Hisako (Ika Musume from Ika Musume)
Meiling: Satou Satomi (Ritsu from K-ON!)
Reimu: Satou Rina (Misaka Mikoto from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)
Alice/Komachi: Tomatsu Haruka (Nagi from Kannagi)
Yukari: Endo Aya(Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier)

That is among the famous VAs nowadays, Like many people i am shocked senseless. And the moment i played it, i think they were the best. Especially Sakuya. She's the exact voice and speech manner when i think of her instead of that Maikaze Anime where they use Rie Tanaka as her voice. Good choice, but bad voice choice for her.

And that's all. The only downside to the game is that it's too easy on normal. But when you start going on hard, it's merciless. I could talk more on this game, but let's move on

Ougon Musou Kyoku (Golden Dream Song)

This blue hand of mine is burning white!

Umineko section got a double release for their fans this time, one was the 8th episode of Umineko no Naku koro ni and the other is this

Now, The Japanese Nerd-dom trinity gods has each owned a fighting game, Nasu has Melty Blood and Fate/Unlimited Codes, ZUN has IaMP, SWR and it's expansions and Finally, Ryukishi07 has Ougon Musou Kyoku. The game surprisingly resembles the style of ASCII arts work fighting game like Guilty Gear series and Blazblue. The sprites is HD and so does the stages, It's easy to execute combos and has that feel which i swear the game was made by ASCII.

About the game itself, You have 10 characters to choose from, you can choose 2 switchable characters and duke it out in Arcade, VS CPU, VS other players and even Online Play (which so far it's working well according to those who have tried.). The fighting game itself was solid, i can't say i know what's a balanced fighting game is, but so far, everyone was ok. Another highlight and a must play.

Motto!? Fushigi no Gensokyo (More!? The Mysterious Gensokyo) - Under The Moonlight

Expect yourself to not being lucky when playing this game.

This is the 3rd installment to the Touhou Rougelike series. I missed to review the 2nd one for some reason. This game still follows the same principles of the first game. You go from each level to level, leveling up, collect items and facing cruel and unforgiven challenges that lies ahead (strong enemies, got surrounded and beaten senseless or traps that makes your life miserable). And yes, you still have to start from scratch if you're dead.

There are some improvement to the game, for once the graphic might have become slightly prettier. When you arrived at a town, you actually can interact with the people there and roam freely around the town. You know, like any RPGs. Though the only downside to this improvement is the item store/Kourindou. Rather than speaking to the owner and selects what item you want to buy/sell, you have to take them manually which are many that lying on the floor. Same thing to selling, just drop the item you want to sell there. It's tedious and inflexible. You even have to talk to the owner after to take/drop item so he can give/take your money away.

But nevertheless, This is just that certain game that images Japanese game a lot, you know, good RPG system with cruel difficulty which you have to die a lot so you can learn. It's those kind of games.

Crimzon Clover

A shmups? That is not Touhou? You sure be jesting.

Yes, this is a horizontal shmups with planes Raystorm/Raiden style. But the same time, it's a bullet hell. Although i'm not really a shmup fans, I try to play and review this anyway

The game is self explanatory. Shoot baddies, collect points, avoid bullets. For some reason the graphic feels grainy. Maybe because i have the wrong graphic settings. The game itself was good, fun and challenging enough that i think any shmup fans can pick and play. The music is good too.

Master Burner CLIMAX


If i were to describe what is the game looks like, i would like to open my eyes wide and proceed to swear in delight.

The game is based on a sequel to After Burner arcade game, After Burner Climax. You play as Marisa flying on her F-14E EagleBroomstick, shoots vulcans and missiles and kicking nameless fairy asses. The game is 5 stage long, and the 3D graphic is very impressive for a doujin game

For maximum pleasure playing this game, play it with a 360 controller, hold the boost button while shoot vulcans/missiles on the nameless fairy while listening to their rocking arrangement of Love Colored Master Spark. Trust me, the result is exhilarating.

Youyou Kengeki Musou (Bewitched Dream Weapon) - TRIAL

This is just too good to be a Doujin game

This is a Trial game. People said that the game is based from the 3D Y's series. The game itself is a platforming hack and slash game where you play as Youmu.

The game, while being trial, looks very impressive. The 3D looks great. PSP/PS2 games level of good. The water texture is also pretty. As for the game itself, Youmu is controled well, She jumps with good responds, she can slash nearby enemy without too detail on aiming at them, it's just good for a Doujin game and a Trial. I can't wait for it's full release

Hashiru! Sakuya-san (Run Sakuya, Run!)

The mistress is been kidnapped by her sister.
Are you a bad enough maid to save the mistress?

Another Trial game. This game is a platformer with a Jet engine. You destroy fairies, avoid pitfalls and other obstacle while being extremely fast. Hold jump and dash for awesome dash movement while attacking with your knives (at least that's what i enjoy doing).

But as of now, it's just a trial but promising. Looking forward to see more of this game.

Suwako no Danmaku Pyon-pyon Daisansaku (Suwako's Jumping Shooting Game)

Why does the color reminds me of an old build-in Windows 95 games?

This is what i believe a small innovation to the Danmaku gameplay (sorta). You play as Suwako streaming through baddies like in any Touhou games, just the difference is that the bullet is 3-dimensional. You have to dodge, jump or just let the bullets fly over you. It's a nice little innovation for the game.

I guess the only downside of the game is the graphic looks like something out of those 256 colors. But I'm no graphic whore, the game is still fun and challenging. I wish there's more to say, but the game is just fine the way it is. The only thing i like is the whole 3-Dimensional thing.


And there you have it. The only game i manage to get my hands on. Maybe i missed some, but what the heck.

...I should start reviewing more Anime soon. Which one is next?

End lines (Cause i'm just awful at this)

Remilia: No matter, Now it's the time for you to put aside your weak, human side and join me IN REMAKING GENSOKYO!
Sakuya: Remilia! In the name of my mistress, i will defeat you again (?)

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