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C80 Doujin Games Review

OH MAN I AM BACK! Or rather back from not being busy. I have completed my studies, and do a lot of stuff and now i am free. Also C80 is just a week past. So i might as well do the usual thing, review their games.

People know what is the main highlights of C80. So might as well start with that

Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires

Sure Yukari cheats on her Danmaku games, but this is O GOD THEY HAVE DIALOGUES

Yes folks, the main highlight of C80. Where the game sold out for 2 hours since the hall is open. It's that scary.

Being the 13th Touhou game. Usually i would praise ZUN for being improved in almost everything. And yes i would. But there are some minor setbacks which i get on to it later

The game uses new system which is the Spirit gauge. You fill them by collecting Blue and Gray spirits and unleash what i call a 'Secondary Bomb'. During the trance, the soul you collect doubles even the bomb and Life soul (Green and Purple). Life and bombs are very hard to fill. Bombs require 8 souls to become 1 usable bombs while 1ups need to collect in order of 8-10-12-15 and so on souls to receive one extra life. So stacking on extra lives for the final boss is hard (Or impossible in some case).

But this is where the game starts to be lenient to you. TH13 is actually pretty easy compare to the fine difficulty of 12 and the gut-wrenching 11. Even if you play in easy you can sense the lack of hardness that previous game in easy mode has. The final boss seems weak compare to the previous 2. So it's actually slightly good for those who are not good with the game or someone starting up

Now for the things people like to see in all Touhou Games: The characters and Musics. ZUNart is as fascinating as last time. But personally i found Sanae in the game to look derpy. Youmu looks surprisingly well done and the new characters added a charm to the whole since the main antagonists this time based on a real figure during the Asuka period of ancient Japan. Now for the music, It was wonderful. It has variety of musics. You got the PCB feel on stage 1, The usual ZUNmusic at stage 2 and 3. A funky Egyptian/Hindi style music for Yoshika's theme. A stage 4 music that sounds like any average shmups and the final stage has that UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ techno stuff. It has a lot of variety which is impressive.

Personally, TH13 is just another Touhou Game. Sure it's not one of my favorites like TH07 and TH11, but overall it's another fine Touhou Game.

And now, On to the other games for C80

Grief Syndrome

To be honest, i never knew the monsters in that show was named.

This is Tasogare Frontier's new release based on what i called an accidental hit Anime "Puella Magi Madoka Magica".

The game is a platforming action game with some combo beat em up concept. The game consists of 5 stage based on the Anime and you can select one of all 5 main character of the show controlling them from stage 1 up to the battle with Walpurugisnacht.

As usual, Tasogare Frontier provide us with a rather simple yet very fun game. You just go from one point to another in linear defeating all enemies that come by. Every character has a different feel into it to suit any player's taste and by the looks of it, This game is best played with friends. Yes, you can play up to 3 players in the same game. Also the replay value of this games is just to get achievements and going for 2nd or 3rd run where the enemy is getting tougher

If you are a fan of the Anime (or watched it and find it ok like me), You will enjoy this
(Recommended to play with game controllers)

Touhou Boushuen ~ Age of Ethanols (Full version)

Needs more WOLOLO

This game was a demo last year during C78. And finally it's complete

The game is pretty much similar to Age of Empires. You create workers to harvest Woods, Stones and FoodsFaiths, Shrooms and Beers, Build buildings, create combat fairies, create hero units, Advancing your ageDifficulty, go to war etc. There's more factions that you can use. Ranging from Hakurei's, Scarlet Devil Mansions and all away to the Myouren Temple Factions

The only downside compare to the old AoE games is that it's kind of slow paced. but it is great for just the music alone.

Gensokyo Shiki

When looking at this, i weep that New Touhou SRW is not out yet... ;_;

Well, I can't really tell you what game is this to be honest. It's a tactical RPG i can say, You have maps that transport your troops from one map to another and when encountering an enemy, it brings you to a grid screen.

This game would help if it was translated. Even my limited Japanese won't get me far from knowing how the game works. I get my ass kicked all the time.

Fairy Bloom Fressia

I try screenshot as usual, but it requires me to shift-print screen it. So no worthy action scenes...

Now this is a pretty looking game. The 3D is great for a doujin games, The game is a simple beat em up where you beat up mud monsters for combos and stuff. But there are one major problem

Programming Error. It seems when you're in the game intermissions, browsing through menus, it always explains it in game coding names like Item_Description_01 or something like that. It's like they don't QC it. Even till version 1.30 it's still had same problems. Maybe i try run it in Applocale next time

Acceleration of Suguri 2

This is the 2nd game? What did i missed out?

Another good looking 3D doujin games. It's a fighting game where girls flying and hack and slash through their opponents. There's a lot of bullets thrown to you thus it's also in bullet hell territory.

It seems that this game is controller capable only (or that's what i think). The game itself was a pretty decent button masher fighting game. Also there's online function so you can play it with other friends which is cool at it's right

Touhou Gendanshou Y -Ultimate Heroes-

You know with a title like that i would expect some sorta crossover/team-up game

It's a platforming game that mixed the concept of Megaman and Gradius at the same time. The Megaman concept comes on it's platforming shooting action game and the use of enemy's weapon after defeating them (Also stage select) while the Gradius part came from the selections of power-up meter below that improves the player's game like speed up, wide shots and other things (Also the background swiping when first play the game)

Another thing kinda cool in this game is that the music is all chiptunes/8bit music. So it kinda feel like playing an 8bit game without the 8bit being present. And by 8bit i mean the difficulty also. There's many trap and places for cheap death. The only not-8bit about it (other than graphics) is that the bosses has voice actors. Now that is strange...

Bioruru Ni(2)

Another "2" titles? What did i miss seriously...

This is a quite unique puzzle game. The concept is to transport molecules into a beaker. They give you a layout and you can add and remove layouts using your mouse. Add more platform by left clicking and erase it with right.

This game is also surprisingly has depth. Stuff like the different colors of molecules has different attributes such as light, heavy, magnetic etc. And when 2 molecules of color combine together it creates another colored molecules. There's also stuff that help you bringing the molecules to the beaker like teleport, blow tubes, fans to blow molecules away and many others. For a puzzle game, it was unique.


And i guess that's the only one i can get my hands on. I could try part 2 cause there are more great stuff that i haven't got yet.

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