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C83 Games review - A year worth the slumber

It's been a year now. I don't update much lately cause of many things. But to put it short, I don't know what to post. So let's do this again like last year and review Comiket games.

We are entering the age of fatsoMacho

First game on the list:

Touhou Shinkirou ~ Hopeless Masquerade (DEMO).

If Unzan needs a Stand name based on a singer or band, i call him Puff Daddy. 

It's a new official Touhou. It's numbered 13.5 and looks like stuff's getting real. From that image itself, you can see the sprites, the graphics and the animation (despite this being a stale image) is all improved. Also it's HD. The only thing wrong with the graphics is the UI Interface. Looks cheap at a glance.

So what is it about? To put it short, it's a continuation on events happening in TH13 which is part of a chain of events happening ever since TH10. Gensokyo is now locked between three major religions. Shinto, Buddhism and Taoism. And to win the faith of the people and youkai alike, they duke it out in what i can see is a Triangle,Triple-Threat, Three-Way Holy War.

So far, only three characters are playable in the demo. Reimu, Marisa and Ichirin. The fighting concept is pretty neat for it uses no floor. You float, jump and float down slowly and descend down and float upwards back again. For a demo, it's pretty good for what it is. Will wait for full version and looking forward for more casts (preferably the newer casts).

Touhou Fugyouseki ~ Nightmare of Sleeping Girl

Your quest to end this game will never reach it's peak!

Apparently this game was based on a game called "Widenyo" by AliceSoft. Though personally i never heard or played the game before, but i can presume it's as addictive as this. I mean it. This game is addictive as hell.

You start off with 5 units. bunch of enemies are after Yukari so you make sure to prevent any enemy to reach her. You can recruit more people on the way by getting into a mission and defeat the character. You level up your characters, you equip them with items. You move the map further one step and the enemy will become stronger each step.

I know. Me explaining this game won't do it justice. I suggest grab this game, read how to play at Touhou Wiki and have a blast. This game is just that good.

Touhou Stratergy ~ Lotus Craft

I never was the guy who said this, but i wish they made a DotA out of this game.

The guys who previously made a Touhou version of Age of Empires are back. And now, they use the same engine (i think) and make a new RTS game based on Warcraft which is an interesting choice cause Warcraft, let alone DotA, was very, very underrated in Japan.

So the game has 5 factions to choose. Each of them has their own highs and lows. They have different units and buildings for the most part. And they even have a set of different heroes which is upgrade-able via leveling up. If you play Warcraft III, you know this except it's a Touhou version. But i think this seems to be a more simpler version of Warcraft. For once, the thing you need to upgrade is not that much. Multitasking is easy and overall it seems to be a not-so-complex version of Warcraft. Don't get me wrong. It is still a good game.

There's a downside though. If you play Skirmish mode, It's only 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3. So if you're the guy who likes to play 1v2, 1v3 or stuff like that, you can't. Also this is one of the two doujin games released this C83 which is piracy protected.

USC ~Ultimate Sunflower Creation~

I never asked for this...

Okay. I want to say this before saying anything about this game. I never played Minecraft. Why you ask? I never had a chance. Never at all. I wish i can play it now, but i now stuck with this.

I presume the game was designed for people who plays Minecraft. In other words, not me. So as you can see, i don't know what to do in this game. Knock a few things got item. I know that. But when it comes to mix items to do something is something i don't know. I could look for guides on the internet, but then this hits me... It's not 3D. I know there are Minecraft variations that are in 2D perspective. But i still can't convince myself to actually know how to play.

...I think i should find a way on how to play Minecraft. Get the game and do stuff. In the meantime, i have other things to review. Moving on.

Kouma no Kagi (Scarlet Devil's Key)

Not shown in this picture, but i wonder what does GDV means?

This is a game with concepts based on an NES game called "Solomon's Key". I've played the game before and it was a nice puzzle platformer. The game is pretty standard. Get a key and go to the door to the next level while figuring out how to do that without dying by enemies.

Fairly enough, the game concepts and tricks are similar. You could give it a try, but i say play the original Solomon's Key. it's way better. (Not to say this is bad per se.)

Maid-san Crisis - The Elegant Region Power

Whoever come up with the idea of breaking walls with a wall is a brilliant man.

It's another platformer. But you got four player to switch which is Youmu, Futo, Reisen and Orin. Each of them has their own special ability like one can jump higher, the other can run faster and the other can hit harder etc. You level up them, you grab a bunch of keys to clear a stage and can move ahead.

While i like this game, it suffers from two things. One is character change. It seems that you have to go to menu, select character to change and have to listen to 2 clicks of dialogue before you can use the other character. It would be nice if you just switch it normally or maybe a button for fast character switch. Another problem is a huge rise of difficulty on the game. When i got to stage 3, the stage was design to torture my fingers and when i went to stage 4, everything seems to back to where stage 1 and 2 was. That sudden jump of difficulty is just too much.

Suwako-chan's Patcheris

Don't worry. The water level won't rise as long you don't croak.

This game is based on an arcade puzzler, Super Gossun Oyoyo. Which is like any drop puzzle game, but you use the blocks to create a platform and guide the character to the key and then to the door.

It plays just like the said based on game, but it's actually way easier. In the original game. You need to worry not where the character goes, the platform and the enemy. But also the rising water level. This game seems to have no rising of water level. So one frustrating aspect of game is removed. If this is good or bad, it's your thought. I'm fine with either.

Touhou Card Monsters

The pixels... What just happened?

It's from the same guy who made Devil of Decline last year. But something just doesn't feel right. It's like everything in this game is an inferior DoD.

I do know the concept of capturing monsters to use as weapons. This concept is present in DoD once you obtained Satori where this they bring it to new heights. That concept is pretty neat. But everything else seems inferior. The music, the graphics (especially the UI design) and other things. Also it seems that there's no actual story for the game. I just hope this is a sub project for future works. Which i would look forward to it.

Touhou Bakuretsu Yuugi (Touhou Explosive Games)

I presume this is the second time we had a Touhou Bomberman.

As you can see. This game is based on Bomberman. You lay some bombs, break walls, destroy other opponent and stuff. It's a very fun party games...

...except this is not. First of all, your hit detection is awful. Even if you stand on a corner preventing the bomb to hit you, it hits you because of your sprite is two space big or more like the hit detection is 2 space big. Also no VS mode. Why in the holy mother of god you make a Bomberman party game without a VS mode with CPU or other players?

Now i guess that's the only game i played... Except there is one thing to say...

Miracle Super Party ~ Sanae and Tenshi's Mystical Labyrinth.

Alone you are helpless, but united you need to learn how to manage people.

First of all, The picture above is credited to a Nameless Fairy at Pooshlmer. Cause i don't have the game. And when i say i don't have means i don't buy it.

Yes. This is the 2nd game in C83 that is piracy protected. Nobody seems to make a crack, so i have no way to play this game. However, i played the demo and it's pretty neat.

The game is like any other Touhou Rougelike. But this one is special because on your way, you will meet some characters which you can recruit. And you can recruit more and more units to create an army of allies in a dungeon. And when faced with hordes of enemies, you have hordes of friends helping you. Sounds sweet as hell.

I guess i should go and buy this game... And that's it for now. Let's hope i made more post this year cause 2012 seems like a null year for me.

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