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C81 Doujin Games Review

Hello again. You see, i was late a week on reviewing stuff for reasons i will tell you later. But as usual, i will be reviewing C81 doujin games, but only the ones released on Share/PD and available for DDL. With some exceptions. First is Ougon Musou Kyoku CROSS. Reason is that it's an expansion game for the original OMK. While i reviewed that already, the problem is that i've uninstalled the game already and lost the ISOs. Downloading it again is a pain for the amount of space. Also, lazy (despite i just had Unifi. Silly me). The other one is Ryuukishi07's new VN which i don't play or interested on any of it.

Anyways, let's have a go it.

Poor thing. It's actually looks sweet, but i screwed up. Sorry...

Touhou Gensou Maroku ~ Devil of Decline

if only Keine is there, then the whole MAI WAIFU team would be complete...

THIS. This is the reason why it take me so long to review a game. From the same group who made The Genius of Sappheiros, Devil of Decline is a Touhou RPG that consists the other half of Romancing SaGa element compare to the previous ones (This game got the 'lightbulb' thing that makes you learn moves in battle while removing the Extra lives function). The game is now slightly easier(even for a non-RPG guy like me can enjoy it), More characters to play with and also the Shikigami concept which aids you on your battle plus giving you additional benefits like stats raising or immunity and many things. Also, after you obtained Shikigami Satori, you can capture monsters on the field to be part of your team and enhance your gameplay even further.

The RPG system is pretty simple. No cash, no potions no nothing. Every battle, your character's HP will always full, even if some character died, you will still standing in the next encounter, Every items are not bought, but created using ingredients or is dropped by enemies etc2. A simple yet deep RPG. And i was hooked into it. Oh and not to mention, this game is as long as any RPG games. So it's not one shot or anything, You need time to complete this game.

So in short, for a fangame, this is just amazing. Highly recommended.

Youyou Kengeki Musou

Resurrection Butterfly in 3D basher? This is what i always wanted.

Finally. After 2 Comikets (which means a year), They finally manage to finish the game. And boy what a good job they made.

At first i thought the game was like the 3D Ys series, but there is no items or leveling up so, no. But that doesn't mean it's not fun. I mean, it's a 3D beat-em up that is not clunky on the controls. What else could you need.

As you expect, you play as Youmu slash and hack through everything in sight. Be it fairies, frogs, another Toehoes or even bullets. You slash your way through the 6 stage game. There are a lot of awesome moments, like fighting Hisoutensoku. That stuff is just pure awesome. But by far my favorite is the final stage where you fight Yuyuko. If for some reason my first 1CC is stimulated into a 3D non-shooting game, this is how i felt. It was awesome.

The only drawback is that the game is short and no stage select function. But what the heck. They did a fine job already. Besides, for a fangame, the 3D really is impressive.

Fushigi no Gensokyo 2 - Miracle Party

Aquastyle sure like to make a lot of this game, didn't they?

Despite being the titular number '2' on it, Aquastyle has been released a lot of similar games for like the 7th or 8th times already. Though compare to the previous one, this is slightly different.

First of all, You play as Sanae (the 2nd game you also play as her, but whatever...). You have level select on which 'Dungeon' you want to go etc2. You can also recruit as much as 2 partners following you on your rougelike gameplay. Grab items here, beat enemy there, You died, you start over with nothing on you and everything you had will be lost.

Another difference from the other game is that the game has voice acting. And i kinda surprised that the VA for the characters are actually famous people. Like Suwako was voiced by the same person who did Princess Euphemia from Code Geass and Kanako is voiced by the same VA for C.C, also from Code Geass. Marisa was Akiyama Mio of K-ON and some others that sounded familiar but never get an idea who is it.

But in the end, it's just the same game. At least this one is not as hard as the previous ones.

Homura Combat

the shades has some sorta GTA San Andreas feel to it... sorta

From the 'Critically acclaimed' Anime, This game is about Homura murdering witches with Machine guns and Bazooka while pondering how being meguca is suffering.

Aside from that, The graphic is great. So great that it almost slows down my computer. The city and stuff can actually be blown away which is kinda cool. But overall, the game has similarity to the Earth Defence Force series. And for a fangame, this is the 2nd time someone make this style. The first one being Dynamarisa, a Touhou EDF game with 3D glasses compatible created by none other than Tasogare Frontier themselves.

But then, It's a great addition. At least it didn't make your eyes bleed. The 3D is way better (i think) and it's enjoyable enough

Touhou Chichin Matsuri - Quelling of Lotus Realm

In Gensokyo, currency runs on your [P].

It's Touhou Monopolly, or 'Touhoupolly' if you like mixing names. There's nothing much to it other than instead of money, you have [P] replacing it. Expect a very long game till one run out of energy (or bankrupt).

This game, is broken for one reason. Aya. She rolls 3 dices where the other rolls 2. So most of the time she gets territory first, gets her income faster after moving full circle, can avoid people's territory easily and so forth. She is so broken that i think anybody will play as her.

Dangerous Suwako

Jumping on platforms and stomping fur-cube can make you lose weight? who would have thought...

It's a platformer. Mario-esque, but you play as Suwako as she goes around try to lose weight

No i'm not joking. If you see on the pic above, there's a Kcal meter which shows you how much you lose weight (That could be score, but whatever). Kinda strange if you ask me. But for the rest, it's standard Mario-esque platformer. Except that she does not grow or have forms, she can shoot talismans and hit enemies with rings.

Touhou Madanzan - Unbelieved Heroes

You know, i prefer slashing than shooting. This game will do.

It's from the same guy who made Touhou Gendanshou Y -Ultimate Heroes-. But instead of Megaman-esque shooting and Gradius-esque powerups. This is just 2D Hack and slash.

The platforming action elements are still similar. Frustrating at times, but as you go along, it makes you come back for more. Also i prefer this than the previous one. I like the way the character do slashing. It's fast, tactical and also satisfying.

Well, that's all i have. Here's hoping Reitaisai i can review stuff. Also DAT 2nd TOUHOU SRW. WHERE IS IT?

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