Sunday, November 8, 2009

Real Gaia Memory USB thumbdrive

It's been a while i haven't did anything with the blog. Now i post something kind of slowpoke but i just know recently (this job thing really makes me living under a rock...). So finally they sell Kamen Rider W's Gaia Memory in real USB form.

It comes in a sweet case with all 6 memories placed nicely. Looking at the description on the site, it's 2GB and priced around RM200+. Not a bad deal where we can get 2GB at average RM35 these days and also the elite looks

But wait...

It's actually one 2GB USB with 6 changeable case. Wow that kinda blows despite the good boxes and also included a Kamen Rider W desktop sitters. Not that i complain about the price or anything cause I know collectors item tend to be expensive, but why 2GB USB? should give it like 8GB or something then it might be worth it

Or rather, i wish it fitted with other Thumbdrives. That would be cool.