Saturday, December 5, 2009

Super Sentai 2010 - Tensou Sentai Goseiger

The 2010 Super Sentai Series is revealed as Tensou Sentai Goseiger (Divine-Robe Taskforce Goseiger)

The story (translated by some anon from /m/)

In a dimension which is invisible to the human eyes, called "Gosei World", there are mortals called "Gosei Angels". They possess super power which humans don't have, called "Gosei Power", which can only be used to protect the Earth and mankind. Unbeknownst to human, they had been protecting the Earth from harmful elements. To defend the Earth from invading enemies, the Gosei Angels use a passageway called "Tower of Sky" to travel between Gosei World and the surface.

However, a group of invading enemy, called "War Star" is invading the Earth and destroyed the Tower of Sky passageway. With the passageway blocked, the Gosei Angels are unable to reach the surface. Without the Gosei Angels, will the Earth be destroyed by these invaders?

However, at this very moment, five young and immature Gosei Angels, who happen to visit the human world (supposedly before the passageway was destroyed), stood up against the devils to protect the Earth. They are the hero, Goseiger!

It is also noted at the picture above that this is the first Sentai series to have cards as an item for them to fight. Something Kamen Rider used to pull out a few times. They use Gosei Header. An motive involving animals like Dragon or Tigers and stuff. They transform using "Tensouder" and fight in their giant robot named "Gosei Great".

Personal Impression:

Actually, the suit design is very interesting and the helmet looks old school. It's been a while since Timeranger we got to see their helmet with lips. I have to wait till someone scan the new Hobby Japan issue so we can see their arsenals and mechas.

Someone actually managed to get the info for their actor/actress:

Sure since this is Sentai, they're not really that attractive compared to Kamen Rider. But the one shocked me is Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan) as Goseipink. I even heard that she's actually wanted to act in a Sentai show. I guess her dream has come true now.

My only drawback about this Sentai is that the storyline seems generic. Not that many Sentai shows have original storyline or something, but this one feels like it's been done many times already. Also I'm not clear of the main motive for the series. They are called "Guardian Angels" or something so it might be an Angelic motive. But they mention something about some famous game or so, so for some reason i think it's an RPG motive. Or heck, this must be the Super Sentai version of Saint Seiya with all those Holy robe and stuff...

Anyway, this looks like a fresh element for Sentai. Can't wait to get more info about it.

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