Saturday, December 19, 2009

コミックフィエスター ‐ 世紀末年大祭伝説 | Comic Fiesta - Legend of the Century's End Annual Festival

Gentlemen. It's that time of the year again. Comic Fiesta is here again and it was filled with all sort of confetti

This year, to be honest isn't as grand as last year, bus still is happening. But enough about the event cause i'm not a good event critic.

My loot:

Suprisingly, Touhou is growing in popularity in this year CF. I would love to see more in the upcoming year. Usualy there's like one Touhou cosplayer each event, but now i saw and took picture with someone dressed as Cirno and Aya. There's a dude as Wriggle, but i can't seem to found him later on.

There's also what might be the first Touhou doujin in this country. It maybe consists of like 8-10 pages or so and their price is like RM1. But their effort was great and i wish there's more to come.

I can't go to the Sunday event sadly cause i have work. And a last one to add. God, finaly i'm free from the chains of community (a bad one to say)


  1. u wear tie to cf lol. cosplay or wat? XD

  2. Wriggle here...
    I was not moving anywhere during the whole event. I was at the booth thats sell the Touhou posters and bookmarks you bought.

  3. ohai

    is cirno here :D can I has me pics (with you) if you have? XDDD just found this post like...on google on random