Thursday, December 17, 2009

Malaysia-tan Revealed...

Finally that book has arrived. It's a book about nations for those moetards out there. They proclaimed it subliminally as something to counter Hetalia or some stuff.

Anyway here's how the book looked like

And here's a shocker. Malaysia-tan is just... i dunno... just look

She is called "The postergirl for a sea resort surrounded by rainforest"

Another knowledge known. Japanese don't know our country too much.. i dunno if that's the best. You decide.

Also, the funniest thing about this is that they shown Malaysia and Singapore are enemies or sort.

Yeah, i know we do have some political issue with our neighboring lion, but it's nothing serious like North with South Korea or Israel with Palestine. Just minor things...

Anyways, this is it. Will you support getting her as our tourism mascot :P


  1. too revealing!
    our moralfags will rage! and it's funny singapore is covered more lol.

    i'm gonna wait for Hiramuya's version...

  2. please stop using the term moralfag. It makes you look like a fag yourself

    well there's a very inaccurate anthropomorphism depiction of Bolehland, and we have much more intense relationship with Indonesia compared if compared with Singapore

    seriously whoever make this book should lurk moar. I first learn about this in sankaku but no comments written for Bolehland on tha time

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  4. malaysia-tan is smexy *blushes*

    - Kururu -

  5. that is Malaysia-tan? it so pretty

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  7. To be honest, it doesn't seem to have any Malaysian flavor. Too generic in design.

    Yeah, the designer should lurk moar. At least the traditional clothing would do.