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Super Hero Time 2011. Goodbye OOO, Hello Fourze and so far on Gokaiger

It's time again. I know i missed the other time when Goseiger ended and Gokaiger starts, but again i was very busy at that time so yeah, i missed that and kind of regretted it. But who cares about it, It's yet another time for SUUUUUUUUPER HERO TIIIIIMMMEEEEEE!!!

Start your sunday mornings with weekly dose of Nobuyuki Hiyama and Tomokazu Seki shouting at you. Best Morning Ever.

Kamen Rider OOO - Final Thoughts

I wonder how will they play this out this coming Movie Taisen (If avaliable)

So OOO has been one week old end. And to be honest, Despite it's slow and dragging mid-way, It's nice to have at least a satisfying ending. Ever since Decade, I always feared that Kamen Rider will ended awfully. But by W and now OOO, It has become either plausible or good. And in OOO's case, It has a good climax and closed the story well.

But let's look the show as a whole first, If you're been watching a lot of Heisei Riders, you will see that OOO combined some elements from previous riders. Among of it are:

>Hino Eiji being the poor man version of Godai Yuusuke/Kuuga
>Desire feeding monsters based on Den-O's Imagin
>Talked about World's End like it's Agito or Blade
>A Forbidden form which is also Kuuga based
>Changeable form mishmash gimmick which popularized by W
>And some others i may forgot mentioning...

Other than that, OOO manage to have it's own original image. From start to end, the show has a theme called 'Desire'. It was in the end it teaches us that Desire is something to be practiced healthily. Too much of it will drive you nuts because Desire is endless, and not having one is either considered inhuman or having no progress in life. It's a nice message and it holds up well.

The characters, while not as great as the casts from W, Are still fine casts. Some thoughts about the main casts:

Eiji: I don't know how to feel with him. Maybe to sum it up it's like a poor man's version of Godai Yuusuke, but he has his moment. He's not that great, but not a bad character

Ankh: Being stuck on a human body makes him learn a lot of things. He went through many twists. But in the end, he's a great character. I think he has more growth than Eiji has. He went from Using Eiji to being Eiji's helper to backstabbing him and in the end, admitted that Eiji is his friend. While Eiji has only one dilemma which is not having a desire.

Hina: Girls are always downplayed in Kamen Rider and she's one of it. She's worried about his brother possessed by Ankh and then, with the power of forced drama, she has to choose who should stay with her, his brother or Ankh. She could be a good character, but Kamen Rider really hates development for girls, isn't they...

Gotou: His character has some sorta Inferior Complex like Kageyama from Kabuto. He wanted to do something big but was too prideful, That is when Date starts befriending him he learns to calm his head and in the end he succeeded. But other than that nice growth of a character, he's pretty bland

Date: To put it simple, He's a bro. A brother role to Gotou and a fine job he does. His desire was simple at first which is to obtain 10 million Yen but later revealed that he needs it for an operation of a bullet in his head. He has a laid back and friendly attitude which he is easy to made friend with from all the casts.

Dr. Maki: The one time i actually liked about his character is when he was reminded of how kind and nice his late older sister was until he discovered that his memory was a lie. That one was a nice touch for a villain back story. But the rest, he's the generic "I end this world and here's how i do it" kind of villain. A wasted potential

The other Greeds: They are there just because. None are interesting or has development, Except Uva. He fallen low, tried to rise up again, fall again and then ended being the strongest Greed ever. You could say Cazalli also deserves mentioning, but he does the same thing from the beginning which is being a dick and a sly planner. Gamel and Mezool are forgettable. They have slight growth but are nothing special

Kougami: THE REASON WHY OOO IS SO GREAT. Also known as Cakeboss among /m/en. He's so over the top you can't take your eyes off him. He has no growth but he don't need to. His overacting, sudden loud noise and the constant HAPPY BIRTHDAY really makes this show fun to watch.

So as a whole, Kamen Rider OOO ended up to be at least above average or good at most. It has good moments (a lot), has some drawbacks, but overall a fun ride. Another year for Kamen Rider and at least it does not sucked. Also:

I'll be missing you Cakeboss. You are the best character in this show...

So far on Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger...

Don's pose strikes horror in the eyes of Zangyack.

Let's make the description short. Because this is an anniversary series that are filled with fanservices for fans like me. So let's sum up what i watched so far. It was a heck lot of fun. The characters are fun, the things they went on was fun and the Sentai homage made for the anniversary are done with great justice unlike half-assed recreate world and NOT GODAI Yuusuke that Decade made. However it hasn't develop the character much despite all of them have back-stories (except Don, but are hinted)

So without wasting any time. Let's review the Sentai Homage episodes in the shortest way possible:

Episode 3: Magiranger's Tribute
Characters appearing:Ozu Kai (MagiRed) and Flagel

Now Magiranger was among the first Sentai i watched in recent times during my re-introduction with Super Sentai (or Tokusatsu in general). And it's still one of my favorite. Kai's downplayed this time which makes sense because he all grown up compare to him being a high school student during the actual show. He also has started to hold responsibility as a guardian of both the Heavens (Magitopia) and Hades (Infershia). He acts like a mentor asking the Gokaigers to get him. It was a fine start for the whole Sentai's homage episode

Episode 5: Dekaranger's Tribute
Character's appearing:
Reimon Marika/Jasmine (DekaYellow), Doggie Kruger/Boss (DekaMaster), Akaza Banban/Ban (DekaRed)

Dekaranger was also one of my re-introduction Sentai series. Also one of my favorites. The show has more Doggie's appearance than the other 2 mentioned. But it fine because Doggie is a great character, and he's still is. As for the other characters, Jasmine is as hot as she was back then. Damn she didn't look old at all. And as for Ban, He's also matured from his constant yelling and hot-blooded characteristics from the show. Also it's the first episode to have the opening of the tribute Sentai in instrumental form

Episode 7: Gekiranger's Tribute
Character's appearing:
Kandou Jan(GekiRed), Master Xiafu, Pachakamaq XIII

Gekiranger isn't really my favorite, but it holds up and still is a satisfying Sentai series. At this point, you know all characters that are coming back are on what they are doing at the aftermath of the show. Jan travels everywhere teaching children Kung Fu while safeguarding Long, the immortal final boss of the series which is now sealed as a golden ball that Jan wears it as a necklace. He was there just to motivate instead of doing anything. In the end, Jan hangs out with Master Xiafu as Gokaiger saves the day once again. Also a very interesting thing, Pachakamaq XIII was a villain out of Gekiranger VS Boukenger. A crossover movie, where Pachakamaq was more to Boukenger type villain than Gekiranger.

Episode 9: Gaoranger's Tribute
Character's appearing:
Kakeru Shishi (GaoRed), GaoLion

I haven't watched Gaoranger that much to actually know a lot about it, but i do know that GaoRed was a Veterinarian. And even till now, he still is. His role is just say no to the Gokaigers for having Gaoranger's Great Power but after some convincing, He say OK. Also the weakest of the Tribute Episode. And GaoLion looked slightly different from before. Maybe it's for the toys.

Episode 11-12: Shinkenger's Tribute
Character's appearing:
Shiba Kaoru (Hime ShinkenRed), Tanba, The Kurokos

I reviewed Shinkenger before, so no need for descriptions. Shiba Kaoru, after giving her title as Shiba's clan Lord to Takeru (The main ShinkenRed)in the finale, is still active in fighting evil alongside his loyal follower, Tanba. She wanted the Shinkenger Keys back from the Gokaigers and they went into some mess. Other than a tribute episode, this also an episode that discovers the back-story of Joe Gibhken (GokaiBlue). It's a satisfying tribute episodes that is 2 in the price of one whole tribute.

Episode 14: Carranger's Tribute
Character's appearing:
Jinnai Kyousuke (Red Racer)

I watched a fair amount of Carranger and i have to say, it's the most funniest Sentai i've ever watched. The show is well aware that Sentai series is not something to be taken seriously and it did a very good job parodying themselves. And this tribute episode captures the wackiness and nonsensical of the show very well. Though the one that strike me strange is that now Kyousuke works as an entertainer. Didn't he worked at Pegasus Auto Garage during the whole show (Even when crossover-ing with Megaranger which happens after Carranger ended). I guess it's either he quit or the garage seen better days. But other than that, This is one of the best tributes due to the nature of the episode.

Episode 18: Not really a tribute episode
Character's appearing:
Nakadai Mikoto (AbareKiller), TimeFire and Dragon Ranger.

Since one character make an appearance here, might as well show it. There's nothing much other than Nakadai Mikoto give some talk to the newly arrived GokaiSilver, Ikari Gai. While TimeFire and DragonRanger has no actors to play, just the suits.

Episode 20: Gingaman's Tribute
Character's appearing:
Hyuuga (Black Knight), Ryouma (GingaRed)

I watch a bit of Gingaman. I thought it was kinda nice. Also it has Norio Fing Wakamoto as narrator. This episode focuses more on Hyuuga and his interaction with Gai. It's also the first time that a new villain, Basco uses his trumpet to suck out the powers of any Sentai members and make a key for himself. Ryouma makes slight appearance twice. Once when he helped the Gokaigers after fallen to the river and another is at the end. It even addresses the irony they felt when the 35th Sentai was a Space Pirate which is the kind of bunch they fought during their time as heroes. It's kind of a nice touch that connects two series together.

Episode 21: Boukenger's Tribute
Character's appearing:
Akashi Satoru/Chief (BoukenRed), Ryuuwon, Jaryuu Soldiermen

Other than being the 30th anniversary series, Boukenger has the best Red ranger in recent times, He's smart, calm, courageous and a good role model as a leader. And his act didn't changed much in this Tribute episode. It also brings back 2 things from the old shows, One was a Precious. It's nice to see this thing still around in the world of Sentai and the other is the resurrection of Ryuuwon of the Jaryuu Tribe, one of the 4 factions that Boukenger fight with. It's a satisfying tribute episode.

Episode 23: GoGo-V Tribute
Character's appearing:
Tatsumi Matsuri (GoPink)

GoGo-V was one of the shows that i wanted to see it full. I watched a bit and was hooked with it. It has great action, great gadgets, one of the most intense OP song and most of all, Great Robots. But this tribute episode offers less. Maybe because it's an All-girl episode. I dunno. As for the character itself, Tatsumui Matsuri works as a paramedic and a rescue crew alongside her brothers who also work as a rescue team. She still is doing her usual job in this episode and... That's it.

Episode 25-26: Hurricanger's Tribute
Character's appearing:
All 3 Hurricangers with their actors, Saturakura and Sundahl (Both are like the offspring of the previous, same named villain)

I never watched Hurricanger before so i don't know what's going on among the characters. But man, This tribute episode is like a mini VS Series It treated the same way and has a same formula. Current heroes and Past heroes didn't trust each other, something happened, Past heroes sees good thing in the current heroes, they fought together, both are friends ending. Despite that, it's still one of the best. The actors come back and actually has a lot of actions scenes for them. It's the Tribute series everyone dreams of.

Episode 28: Jetman's Tribute
Character's appearing:
Yuuki Gai (Black Condor)

This one is recent and i wrote this after watching the episode. Jetman is one of the 3 Sentai series i watched as a kid, though i was introduced to this Sentai from the Famicom game which is a fine side-scroller action game that i played very often back in the days. This episode has some sorta backstory for Marvelous (despite being forced) and Yuuki Gai comes and mock Marvelous for being a bad Red ranger. When i was waiting for this episode, I was wondering how could that episode works since Gai dies at the end of Jetman. People start making theories that Gai didn't actually died or something and in the end their theory proved wrong as Gai was only a ghost trying to protect the happiness of his friend, the remaining Jetman. He's actually dead and the Gokaigers visited his grave which has offerings from the other Jetman's members (I presume the wine and cigarettes are from Red Hawk, The Ramen Noodle was from Blue Swallow, The flowers was from White Swan and the vegetables are from Yellow Owl). It's nice to see Gai kick some ass in this episode and when he turned into Black Condor, he has some nice sword technique. Also this episode was written by Inoue (Which is also the writer for Jetman) and the fight is under the bridge which has becomes his trademark as shown in a lot of his Kamen Rider works. What is his fetish with bridges anyway?

Well i talked a lot about Gokaiger because it's something big for the likes of fanboy like me. But i could wish Gokaiger to develop it's own originality (Or maybe being pirates implying they pirated stuff). Let's move on

First Look, Kamen Rider Fourze

Varying degrees of FUCK YEAH was given in this scene

so here we are again, Another year, another Kamen Rider. This show was meant to be the 40th anniversary of the show which so far by concept and looks, has nothing anniversary to offer. Not it's a bad thing, but let's look at Fourze's design which was the hot topic when it's announced

To sum up Fourze's announcements, designs, and gadgets:

First Look: Wow, that head looked silly
2nd look in a different picture: He punches enemy with a rocket and has a Drill kick? I'M SOLD!
See the heroes: Oh wow, a non-ikemen styled hero. DAT POMPADOUR.
Belt: Hunky. But looks neat on it's own
Foodroids: ...Really? That was dumb
The other switches: Oh wow it looks neat
The other forms: Hmm... Ok
Zodiarts: Hey, a constellation based monster. in B4 Saint Seiya reference.

And it's all boiled down into one final product, The 1st episode.

And to be honest, It's a fun and great start to the show. It centers around our main character, Kisaragi Gentaro who i presume came from government school and enters the private school which looks like your average American High Schools. I mean the school's student hierarchy is divided into groups of people like Hipsters, Nerds, Jocks etc where Jocks pretty much the supreme ruler among students because they are athletic and are giving the school a good name. I shake my heads in wtf seeing it to be honest, But it all does not matter because i started to like Gentaro with his dream of wanted to make friends with everyone. It's like he's Tsukasa of Decade but being likable. The supporting characters are there but not shown much of it yet. So this episode is all about Gentaro and Fourze.

Also Fourze, His first appearance has the best Rider battle in recent times. It's creative, smart fighting tactics and overall a kickass battle. That's pretty much everything i can talk about it seeing it's the 1st episode. This show has a lot of potential to be good. Let's not get ahead of yourself, directors and writers.

And that's all for now, I end with this:

It was another good year for Super Hero Time. We're counting on you, Fourze.

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