Monday, December 19, 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011 - The long march to the human trashcan

For months without updates, i make a good use of this to talk about Comic Fiesta 2011. The venue is KLCC. I don't get my car there due to the ridiculous parking rate. But even if it's cheap i still don't drive because my road tax has expired.

Anyways. Let's discuss this event. Which is proven to be quite controversial than the previous CF events

This event is protected by the AGHS Kamen Rider Club

DISCLAIMER: Some image are not my property. Credits goes to whoever take that pic.

As you can see above, The event is WAY larger than previous events. That pic was like the half of hall. The other half not shown is the shop corner. There's another hall beside this one for ticket counter and for cosplays. So in short. This will work. It could work if done well.

...And then this happened

In the excuse to 'protect the safety of customers', People need to wait in line and has to face 2 checkpoints. It take me at least 2 hours to enter the hall when i just want to go out for like 15 minutes. The lines are ridiculously long where you have to go to one hall and exit it again to go to the actual event hall. Also the line does not move at all. They only give barely 10 seconds for people to move in and then they halt the line again.

Now that may sound horrible, but i don't blame CF committee. In fact, they done a great job getting this place and managing it. This whole idea of controlling people's line is from the guy on a licorice suit. Yes, the Convention Center workers.

Or it could be this, In the other hall, there is another event which is the launch of iPhone 4S in Malaysia. Funny is that the crowd of Iphone 4S fans are overwhelm by the number of Comic Fiesta attendee. Seeing that they were beaten by bunch of losers and weirdos in cardboard apparels and bad Halloween costumes, They pay the Licorice man to disrupt our fun. Or that could be Apple's Conspiracy, those SOPA supporting bastards.

Good thing the 2nd day is more organized and we no need to suffer long queues. Great job CF Committee.

And now... Touhou in Comic Fiesta

Well. Nice to know there it has a number of passionate fans. Even those who went out of their trouble to challenge their masculinity. Salutations to you guys. You were cool out there. Props again to all.

As usual, there's the usual Touhou self-made things obtained on the 2 day course

Got a huge poster which originally not for sale (Until i pay the owner RM at the end of the event.) Also this is the 3rd year i purchase Arah Timur series. It's a great doujin series that is Touhou randomness added with local flavor that came out of some local comic magazine. It's brilliant. If you haven't know them, take a look at their work. It's all good

Now. As a whole, do i enjoy the event?

Yes i am. Though i face a lot of problem on both days. 1st being the lines and 2nd being that i have sudden urgent work and have to go to Genting twice. But it doesn't matter when you have fun with your friends. Surely you do (If you by chance reading this empty of a blog and been to the event).

Oh well. C81 is coming. Brace for more Doujin Game reviews.

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